Levon Airapetyan

Levon Airapetyan was born on July 25, 1948 in the city of Baku (former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan). He moved to Moscow, where he has graduated from the Moscow Mining Institute and obtained his PhD in Mining Engineering. He later worked as a researcher at the Moscow Central Research Institute of Information and Technical and Economic Research on Steel and Metallurgy (Chermetinformatsia).

From the very young age Levon had a keen interest in music and poetry, an interest that later played an important role in his life. In the early 1990ies he left Russia, first immigrating to Israel and then to Canada. He tried many jobs, including these of a painter, night guard, translator and a street musician. It was in Canada where he first started publishing his short stories in Russian-language newspapers in Montreal and Toronto.

Writing became a new calling for Levon. Under the pen name of Levon Kesh he has published over 70 short stories and essays. In 2003, his story "Minimum and Maximum” won a third prize in a prestigious Russian-language contest organized by the Pushkin Museum in New York. In the meantime, Levon kept writing poetry and worked on several novels, publishing two of them on a number of Russian literature websites.

Levon passed away on April 7, 2013, at the age of 64. Although his late years were marked by his struggle with physical illness, he kept on writing. His legacy includes two collections of poetry, several dozen short stories, two novels and a philosophical treatise titled "The Spiritual Space". A large selection of his works can be found online, with some located in the Russian section of this website.